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We have the most advanced repair bench in the state and stock 90% of all the components required to repair most modern radios. 

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There is no doubt that CB radios take a beating when going down the road. This comes from the constant jarring driving over rough roads which can take a toll on not only internal components but also mic and speaker connectors, power connectors and even the SO-239 antenna connector.

We have an extensive service bench and are capable of troubleshooting and repairing most radio problems. We have a large inventory of parts and components to get you up and running quickly.

Beyond the radio, we can also repair many accessories including microphones and speakers.

If your radio is working as it was when new but you would like to have better receive and talk power, please check out our tuning and modification page here.  Most radios are not tuned for maximum performance when leaving the factory and some can be upgraded with a few higher performing parts.