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CB radios work great for communicating between trucks, combines, tractors, and elevator. We have setup many farm operations which saved them time and money keeping things on schedule.

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Farm Communication

Harvest Season

Here at Circuit Master CB, your technical specialists are well acquainted with our local farming community. With over three decades of experience in installation of antennas and radios, we are your one stop shop for your communication needs. Having dealt with all types, makes, and models of farming equipment – from tractors and combines to grain haulers and even indoor base station units – we are more than well prepared to get your radio talking like you need it. As every farmer knows, a man is only as good as the quality of his equipment. With access to clear and top-notch communication, your operations profitability is sure to rise. Communication is key to any successful farming operation, and what better way to communicate than a well built CB set up? No data charges, no dropped calls, no numbers to dial. Just the press of a microphone switch away from instant communication to those around you. Regardless or your farming needs, stop in or contact us here at Circuit Master CB and let us customize a system to best suit your needs.